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I'm dead

2012-06-08 17:01:05 by DJ-coocooletmoi

(Post mirrored from my old main account)

Hello people!

I'm dead from a very long time, and it will continue being like this. The reason is that I have stopped activity on this account. Not being able to submit music, and getting better at it and at programming, I decided to centralize all my efforts on my main account.

So, here it is, the link to my epicness account, lemon42.

I hope you enjoy the content you see there.
I'll be posting music, and more. Thanks!

New songz

2010-11-08 11:53:12 by DJ-coocooletmoi

There are some cool (awesome? :D) songs I made, altought it may not be as good as songs from people like syphonmax or Bafana, I still think they are pretty cool.

Also just in case you're wondering the -TaE- in front of recent songs means "Trial and Error", which are songs that have been made on the fly just to test the capabilities of the program used.

Trial and Error songs:
- Haunted Temple [preview] : most recent yet, a scary kind of song.
- Fly Away [preview] : a cool song I made which was supposed the be a remix of another song... ;)
- Typical Computer : an electronic kind of music
- Lost Temple : another "scary" song, first attempt at using FL Studio :)

Hi there!

2009-05-01 14:14:13 by DJ-coocooletmoi

I'm actually coocooletmoi, but since I got blocked out from the audio portal because I submitted something that was very crappy, and blablablah, I made a second account only with music.

Newgrounds administrators! Please, but PLEASE don't remove this account. I am just trying to share my (new) music with Newgrounders.