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Was is there to say? Epic?

That's a nice track you've got there. The start was kinda low, The piano piece was... humm... undescriptible! It was simple, melodic and yet fascinating. The little kinda "flute" (what instrument was that?) at 1:12 was really nice and added a little touch to the song that made it completely different. The main beat at 01:27 was nice but the problem is it makes a cracking noise everytime, I think this was made on purpose, but I really didn't like that at all. Still the strings and the piano blended in well toghether.
This song was really nice. I really love the piano piece (again), and overall the song is epic, but the piano, yeah, that piano piece, is just epic, awesome, fascinating, outstanding, [long list of good superlative adjectives here].... Really nice song.

-- DJ-coocooletmoi, passionate reviewer.

Is... this... real...?

Wow! The starting was very bouncy and happy, but this is really nice. The problem is the repetitiveness of the song for the first 2 minutes. I only started listening to something else at about 02:25. That little "get-out-of-the-song-and-come-back" was epic, loved it. You made reality sound irreal and beautiful, as the title says. The weird sounds at 03:18 did not fit the song at all, and was kind of annoying. If you ever redo this song, remove those horrible sounds. They really ruin the beautifulness of this song. Overall, a happy yet to improve 8 minute-long song. 8/10, 4/5.

-- DJ-coocooletmoi , passionate song reviewer.


The mysterious start is really mastered and awesome. But the rest of the song deceives me, I think it was a little bit too harsh for my ears. I liked the 8-bitish melody, but it didn't fit the rest, I think.
Anyways, good song, but maybe too harsh? I don't know. That's just me.

TiGeR responds:

Thanks for reviewing , though it's sad that you don't enjoy the song :/


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